Good News Week - Friday 30/03/2012



Ernst and Young  - UK exports to emerging countries will grow by 12% per annum for the next ten years. That represents a growth of 200% over the period.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded Babcock a £350 million contract to refit HMS Vengeance, the last of the Vanguard class submarines.

Work will include fitting Vengeance with a new Rolls-Royce pressurised water reactor, similar to the one being installed on the new Astute class submarines. The core will fuel the submarine until it is decommissioned. 2000 jobs saved.


Some interesting points in Bank of England agents' report this morning:  

  • companies now less inclined to import intermediate goods...
  • a series of factors are "tending to lessen the advantage of high volume foreign producers"
  • rapid increase in production costs abroad (particularly Asia) has eroded competitiveness of imports
  • problems with extended supply chains overseas such as quality issues and time delays
  • natural disasters around the world have highlighted the risks inherent in extended supply chains



UK’s current account deficit: £8.5 bn in 2011 q4, down from a £10.5bn in the previous quarter.

D G Controls Ltd ? - New tooling and Automotive production order won from East Europe

EEF Economics Team ? - Despite weakness at the end of 2011 highlighted in today's GDP release, growth in the 1st quarter of 2012 seems likely:

H.T.Brigham & Co. Ltd - New tooling and Automotive production order won from East Europe


George Osborne  "the role that technology plays in driving job creation and economic growth becomes more important each day"

Cobra UK -  A SHROPSHIRE aerospace firm has unveiled what is believed to be the world's lightest economy aircraft seat.  

Probrand -
A BIRMINGHAM technology firm has told Business Secretary Vince Cable that the city lies at the heart of the UK's technology sector. 


French automotive company chooses Sunderland for new factory: