Flatbed Laser Cutting And Profiling


On our 5 flatbed laser cutting machines we can cut up to 4 metres by 2 metres with precision and speed. Holes and cut outs, of almost any design, can be programmed and cut to your specifications.

Our approach to Laser Profiling

As one of the leading laser profiling specialists in the UK, Laser Process are able to tackle an extensive variety of laser cutting requirements working with a wide range of  metals. Customers’ exact requirements are programmed in our CAD office and downloaded directly to the laser cutting systems.

Our latest Fibre laser is extremely efficient for cutting different types of metals with high speed and accuracy, ensuring that your laser profiling needs are met exactly.

Our Laser Cutting Systems

At Laser Process, our Trumpf laser cutting systems can handle large plates up to 4000mm long, 2000mm wide and 25mm thick. Our systems are able to cut extremely quickly on thinner gauge materials, yet can cut up to 25mm thick in stainless and mild steels.

The advanced design of our Trumpf laser systems come with state-of-the-art features to ensure that components are processed accurately and consistently. Regular collection of performance data enables our operators to consistently check the condition of the laser cutting machine and allows for us to perform vital maintenance duties before problems arise.

Laser Process are able to work with our customers to determine optimum specifications in terms of design, material grade and thickness and secondary operations. Regularly we are processing mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, armour plate, brass, copper, titanium and a wide range of specialist alloys.

This collaborative process will enable you to call on the experience of laser cutting specialists who have produced millions of components over nearly thirty years. Laser Process is the number one choice for UK-based laser profiling projects. Tell us about yours today. Why not try our online quoting system, LaserQuote24/7.