Fibre Laser Cutting


On our fibre laser cutting machines we can cut mild and stainless steel up to 25mm and aluminium up to 20mm. With high output, our fibre lasers can cut with speed and precision, with the best quality.

Our approach to Fibre Laser Cutting

Fibre laser technology is the most recent within the laser cutting and profiling industry. Our Trumpf fibre laser features a fully automatic load – unload system which changes the sheet of steel in under a minute giving ultra-high output.

The machine is extremely efficient for cutting different types of metals with high speed and accuracy, ensuring that your laser profiling needs are met exactly.

Why do we use fibre lasers?

Laser Process have always been quick to invest in new technology as it becomes available, this is something we have done for nearly thirty years now.

Fibre laser technology enables us to cut quicker, particularly in thinner materials, and allows us to cut finer detail than was possible with older technology.

An added advantage is that a fibre laser uses, typically, only 40% of the energy used by an equivalent CO2 system

Our fibre laser cutting machines also give us the ability to cut reflective materials without fear of back reflections damaging the machine. This allows copper and brass to be cut without problems encountered previously.

At Laser Process, we are set up to be your ideal partner for your laser cutting requirements, placing your needs as our key priority. Over the years we have built strong working relationships with thousands of satisfied clients looking for quick, reliable turnaround and the highest cutting quality.

We would be delighted to quote based on your requirements today. To make this even easier for you, try our LaserQuote 24/7 online quoting system. You can upload your laser cutting files, review your quote, and place your order entirely through our website. You can then keep track of your previous quotes and re-order to save time.