Balustrading and CE marking requirements


There seems to be some confusion as to the requirement for CE marking of balustrade components. 

In the case of non-structural balustrading, there is no requirement for CE marking even though it is, generally, asked for.

Laser Process has the capability and the authority to confirm CE marking compliance, and will always do so where requested and relevant.

For clarity, the following is a statement from the European Commission:

European Commission’s Text: 27/11/14
“Concerning the issue of balustrades (and while we are still expecting certain clarifications from CEN) our position could be seen as follows:
Depending on the function that balustrades have in construction works one can clearly distinguish:
common balustrades which have a function to prevent a person from falling into the void and those balustrades (not very common indeed) which, in addition to preventing a person from falling into the void, have the role in supporting the structure of the construction works (or a part of the structure).

In this second case, balustrades have a structural function in relation to the construction work (i.e their performance may affect the mechanical resistant and stability of a part of the building or the civil engineering work, i.e. the satisfaction of BWR1 is at stake). In page 8 of the Interpretative Document 1, it is stated that “structure” means an “organised assembly of connected parts designed to provide mechanical resistance and stability to the works”.

Any such structural balustrades with a structural role as explained above are covered by the mandate M/120 and the harmonised EN 1090-1 and must, therefore, be placed on the market with a DoP and the CE marking.

Common balustrades which have a function “just” to prevent a person from falling into the void are not structural balustrades. These common balustrades influence the safety of the construction works (BWR 4) and therefore when placed on the market they are within the scope of the CPR. Also, Interpretative Document Nr 4 (on Safety in use) refers in page 112 these common balustrades without a structural role.

Furthermore, according to the clarifications received from the competent CEN/TC135 (and annexed to FAQ 31 in our website), these non-structural balustrades are not covered by the EN 1090-1. For these 2 reasons our interpretation is that common balustrades (i.e. without a structural role) cannot be CE marked on the basis of the standard EN 1090-1”.