New Developments at Laser Process


New Software

Laser Process has begun working with a new CAD/MRP package to streamline the estimating and manufacturing operations within the company. The software, supplied by SigmaTek, affects every aspect of the business and has meant some major changes for all departments.

Ultimately the system will mean beneficial changes for customers in terms of more accurate estimating, improved traceability and smoother production control.

We are aware, however, that the initial integration of this software has caused some delays, and for this we apologise and express sincere thanks for the patience shown by our customers.

One aspect that has changed is the fact that each customer will now have a main point of contact for all estimating/production queries, we are sure that this will benefit everyone and help to develop business relationships in a positive way.

New Machinery

We have committed to invest in a new Fiber laser cutting system from Trumpf. It will be a 5kw system with a 4 metre by 2 metre cutting bed. This machine should be installed in November.

The main advantages of this new machine are in the speed of cutting thin materials and the ability to cut copper and brass far more effectively than with the existing CO2 machines.

Laser Process is now in its twenty-sixth year and we are as committed as ever to provide the best possible service to our customers. 

If you have any questions regarding the above, or any other issues please contact me, personally, at

Dave Lindsey - Managing Director