Southern Manufacturing 2013


Back in the office today after three days down at Farnborough for the Southern Manufacturing Exhibition.

We used our new stand for the first time and we were very pleased with it, thanks to the guys at Supalite Displays and The Marketing People.

The show itself was bigger and better than ever before. We have been doing it for six years and this year saw a marked difference in its size and in the type of exhibitor.

We picked up some very good leads and these are being followed up right now and we are quietly confident that some good orders will ensue.

Thanks to all those who came to talk to at the show, and for those that didn't, we will be at Subcon on 4th - 6th June at the NEC.



Laser Process to exhibit at the Southern Manufacturing Show 2013


Laser Process, the Staffordshire based laser cutting company, is set to take part in its sixth consecutive year of exhibiting at the Southern Manufacturing Show.

The Midlands based firm is keen to show off their subcontract laser cutting expertise and their streamlined methods of increasing productivity. The firm is also looking to showcase their recent £50,000 innovative Dugard ECO1000 vertical machining centre at the Southern Manufacturing Show. The investment allows the company to perform a range of secondary machining operations on parts they have laser cut. The operations made possible by this machine include drilling & tapping, chamfers, rebates, countersinking and counterbores.

Managing Director, David Lindsey of Laser Process said: “Southern Manufacturing is the largest regional engineering exhibition in the UK and, as such, we feel it is important that Laser Process is represented. We aim to confirm our status as a leading subcontractor and to further support our position as champions of quality and service.”

Year on year, the Southern Manufacturing show welcomes companies such as Laser Process to showcase their positive achievements within the industry, to a diverse range of exhibitors and potential customers.

Laser Process sees the Southern Manufacturing Show 2013 as an important networking opportunity with UK industry. The company recently gained an order from a customer they networked with two years ago at the show. On the back of this, Laser Process states that the annual show has a lasting positive influence towards increasing their industry presence.

Building upon a successful 2012, the firm has also taken on an extra 3000 square feet unit in Cannock alongside new staff to operate the new machine and for assembly operations. Laser Process is now keen to build upon their accomplishments throughout 2013.

The Southern Manufacturing Show takes place on the 13-14 February 2013 in Farnborough, Hampshire. It allows a high range of exhibitors and visitors to broaden their knowledge and expertise which will help them enhance their own services, products and industry prominence.

The leading show remains committed to the industry and demonstrates how the manufacturing industry has strongly rebounded from the recession.

The Southern Manufacturing Show has been dubbed as a positive, vibrant, marketplace for products and services. Laser Process states that the simple accessibility of the show is a powerful magnet for attracting thousands of attendees.

Monday Monday


I posted a Tweet this morning announcing that there would be no Monday morning blues today because we were taking delivery of our new vertical machining centre. Guess what! The machine has been delayed for ten days, and nobody told us!

We were catagorically promised delivery for today and it is not now going to happen.We have guys standing by waiting for the installation.

The original order was placed in June with a 4 week deliveryt quote, we are now at three months with a further 10 days to wait - not good. We have even been employing a new machinist for the last two months and have been having to find alternative work for him.We have work waiting to go on the machine which we will have to continue outsourcing.

On a positive note I can say that once the machine is in we will be able to offer facilities that few other laser cutting subcontractors are able to offer - watch this space.

Laser Process a cut above the rest with new time and cost saving machinery


Laser Process, the Staffordshire based laser cutting company, has invested £50,000 in a new Dugard ECO1000 vertical machining centre. This will enable the company to perform a range of secondary machining operations on parts they have laser cut.

The firm is also aspiring to meet its first class expectations within the manufacturing industry by cutting down on production time, therefore placing them ahead of their competitors.

Laser Process will also see the innovative machine maintain its prestigious position within the industry by utilising its latest investment to enhance the working process.

Managing Director, Dave Lindsey said “This machine will enable us to provide a one stop shop for our customers whilst, at the same time, adding value to our sales. The machine, which became operative September, will negate the need for customers to send out laser cut parts for further machining, saving time and cost.”

The operations made possible by this machine include drilling & tapping, chamfers, rebates, countersinking and counterbores.

Adding to its latest positive developments, Laser Process has also taken on a 3000 square feet unit opposite their base on Keys Park, Cannock. This unit will house the assembly operation in order for the firm to run a smooth operation. This is a relatively new but rapidly growing part of the business which is hoping to expand in the future.

To keep up with the growing demand, the company has taken on extra staff to operate the new machine and for the assembly operations.

Laser Process specialises in subcontract laser cutting and secondary operations to provide a one stop shop for its customers. Last year, Laser Process invested around one million pounds in new equipment, which is currently keeping the firm at the forefront of the industry. They pride themselves with always putting the needs of the customer first and will continue to do so with using their latest Dugard ECO1000 Vertical Machining Centre.

Up and Running


Our new Dugard Eco1000 VMC has been delivered, installed, and is now ready for operation. We have had delays we were not expecting with this machine but now is the time to look forward and prepare to offer our customers the new facilities available. From tomorrow we will be offering a range of surface machining options to compliment the first class laser cutting service we have been delivering for over 20 years.

No time to gather moss


A very interesting meeting here at Keys Park recently with Sustrans. They were here to film the manufacture of the Portrait Bench figures as part of a video being produced for the project.

The original scheme, as far as we were concerned, involved the production of 72 sets of characters but this has now been increased to 82. The latest set, which we have just completed is number 41, meaning that we are exactly half way through. This has, so far, taken two and a half years but we learn that the remaining sets have to be finished in six months - no pressure then! Not to worry though, we will be able to do it although I can imagine some periods of frantic activity.

It is going to be interesting to see who is going to be represented in the forthcoming sets - we do know that Mick Jagger is one of them which leads me to wonder whether Time is on my side, Satisfaction or 19th nervous breakdown is going to be the applicable anthem.

After The Gold Rush


So the fireworks are spent, the athletes have returned home- as have the spectators, the volunteers have gone back to their day jobs and the doubters have crawled back under their stones. The Olympics have been and gone – but what an Olympics!

To paraphrase Lord Coe;

The venues and infrastructure in general were fantastic – we did it right.

The opening and closing ceremonies were incredible – we did it right.

The ‘Gamesmakers’ were exactly that – we did it right.

The organisation was spot on – we did it right.

Even the weather! – we did it right.

All of this together with fantastic, world beating, efforts from the athletes gave us the best Olympic Games there have ever been and we were able to show the world exactly why we are GREAT Britain.

But wait a minute! Are we British really surprised that ‘we got it right’. That’s what we do – we get it right. British manufacturing has been getting it right for centuries. We have led the world in innovation and manufacturing techniques and, although we do not have the expanse of manufacturing we once had, we are still doing it.

We are hearing now that the government is keen to see that the success of our athletes is maintained over the coming years and has already committed to keeping funding levels at the existing rate. They are (allegedly) keen to redevelop sports in schools to produce the medal winners of the future, and as a by-product, improve the health of the nation.

Perhaps the government, in the same vein, could offer some real, ongoing, support to British manufacturing. I’m sure it would do just as much to improve the health of the nation.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about the support being offered to sport – quite the opposite. The selling off of playing fields and the removal of competition from schools over the last thirty years has been nothing short of a disgrace but let’s have help for a major facet of the economy – one that can turn round our fortunes, and will - given half a chance.

New Machining Centre


We will shortly be taking delivery of a new Veretical Maching Centre which will allow us to offer a range of machining options to our customers.

The machine is a Dugard ECO 1000VMC and will give us the ability to perform a range of surface machining operations such as drilling and tapping, countersinking, counterboring, rebating and chamferring etc.

The facility will be available from Mid August onwards and represents a valuable addition to the services that LaserProcess is able to offer customers.

Sustrans Portrait Bench - latest news


The latest installation of Sustrans figures, in Newport, means we have now delivered over 100 statues. The schedule is hotting up now and we expect to complete the full programme over the next twelve months. That means we will be completing an average of more than ten statues per month. We are looking forward to producing some interesting characters.
The Newport installation consists of a Roman family, mother, father and son.
Follow this link if you would like to know how Sustrans goes about the process of developing the characters or to find out more about their other activities.

Erasmus Darwin statue


Saturday 12th May saw the official unveilling of the Erasmus Darwin statue, in Lichfield. After recent weeks of cold and wet weather the sun shone on the guests who had gathered to see the culmination of ten years of planning. Speakers at the event included Stephen George - chairman of the Darwin Walk Trust, Peter Mayer - President of the Birmingham Lunar Society and Desmond King-Hele - the Darwin biographer. The ribbon was cut by Stephen Saunders, son of the late John Saunders whose idea gave birth to the statue.